Volume I Number 3, July 1994

Department: Online Information and Networking

Steve Noble
Recording for the Blind

News Update

Recording for the Blind's Internet catalog pilot is looking for more people to join our test group. Although the catalog is open to anyone looking for accessible book titles, the ability to order books online is being given only to a select number of participants at this time. Our test group of pilot members needs to be expanded at this time in order to glean more information about ways to improve the database, and to allow our personnel to find the best way to integrate orders generated by the online system. In particular, we would like to include about 20 more college disabled student services offices or similar providers on university campuses. It is important that we enlarge our test group before the start of the fall 1994 semester, since this is usually the busiest time of the entire year for textbook ordering. If you would like to be part of this study, please send me a note using my email address:


Gopher News

The World Institute on Disability Public Library is now available at the cpsr.org gopher site, and can be reached via the St. John's gopher as well. The WID Public Library contains a number of disability-related documents with emphasis on research and training. To connect through St. John's, gopher to sjuvm.stjohns.edu and follow this route:

/Disability and Rehabilitation Resources

/EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information-Main Menu

/EASI's List of other Disability Info Access organizations

/+World Institute on Disabilities' Gopher

While you are visiting the St. John's gopher, you may also want to explore the new Handicap News BBS section which can also be found using the above route, but for the last menu substitute: /+Disability Resources (Handicap BBS)

Please be aware that gopher access to the Handicap News BBS is still in the building stage, and some sections may not yet be complete.

Kent State University offers a nice collection of deaf education resources at the shiva.educ.kent.edu gopher site. From the gopher root menu choose:

/Quick-Link to the KSU Deaf Education Resource Archive

The Kent State gopher includes news and information concerning deaf education, instructional strategies for teachers and parents, and links to other deafness-related gophers.

New Discussion Lists

VAT - Vendors of Assistive Technology SpedTalk

A new unmoderated mailing list is now available that focuses on the more practical side of assistive technology. Vendors of Assistive Technology (VAT) is open to vendors of assistive devices who want to make themselves known to the public, and of course to assistive technology consumers who would like to receive product information or become aware of new services being offered. To subscribe to the VAT mailing list, send mail to:


leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message say:

subscribe vat Yourfirstname Yourlastname


Spedtalk is an open, unmoderated list hosted by the University of Virginia. It is a forum for people to discuss current practices, policies, and research in special education. The list encourages participation by faculty, students, researchers, clinicians and other interested individuals. Spedtalk does not focus on any one area of disability. To subscribe to Spedtalk, send mail to:


leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message say:

subscribe spedtalk.

Noble, S. (1994). Online information and networking. Information Technology and Disabilities E-Journal, 1(3).