Volume III Number 1, March 1996

Department: Online Information and Networking

Steve Noble
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic


Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic's online catalog was moved in December to a new Internet host site, making the old r2d2 address inoperative. The new address is wais.jvnc.net 4445. Be sure to include the port number 4445 in your telnet command. You can also gopher to wais.jvnc.net and go through the Publishers Online menu, or use the EASI gopher via sjuvm.stjohns.edu.

RFB&D may be reached on the Internet by sending e-mail to our information center at INFO@RFBD.ORG



Blind-Jobs-L is a new mailing list for anyone interested in the discussion of jobs and employment related issues for persons who are blind.

To subscribe, send email to:


leave the subject line blank, and send the following message:



The Media Access mailing list is devoted to the discussion of alternate access to all forms of media, and includes such topics as film and video captioning, audio description, and computer based information.

To subscribe, send email to:


leave the subject line blank, and send the following message:




The National Federation for the Blind is now on the Internet. Services available online include access to NFB's monthly publication, _The Braille Monitor_, and two quarterly publications, _Future Reflections_ and _Voice of the Diabetic_. Numerous other NFB publications and a variety of technological information also can be found at the NFB site. The web address is:


If you do not have Web access, you may also reach the NFB via FTP at the address nfb.org.

*Focus on News*

There are currently a number of excellent news information resources available on the Web. Many of these make extensive use of graphical information, including photos and maps, but nearly all of them contain a major proportion of simple text. Here are a few sites of interest:

CNN at http://www.cnn.com

This is one of the widest ranging sites, but also has a lot of graphics. Contains world news, U.S. news, business, sports, entertainment, weather, and other headings;

The Electronic Telegraph at http://www.telegraph.co.uk

This London-based news service includes much the same types of stories as CNN, but without the usual U.S. slant on the news. Of particular interests to some may be the European cricket, rugby, and soccer scores. This service requires first-time users to register online;

Reuters News Media at http://www.yahoo.com/headlines/current/news The Reuters service is an excellent Web site for news and makes only minimal use of graphics. Story headings are laid out in such a way that fast retrieval of breaking news stories is fairly simple;

Yahoo News Directory at http://www.yahoo.com/news/

This site is the ultimate news source. It provides literally hundreds of links to international, national and local news sources across the globe. At last glance, this site listed 252 newspapers, 281 newswires, 21 sports publications, 56 K-12 newsletters, and 187 university papers-- just to mention a few subdivisions.

Noble, S. (1996). Online information and networking. Information Technology and Disabilities E-Journal, 3(1).