Long Description for Figure 2b - "Balance of Nature"

Figure 2b-"Balance of Nature," enhanced with graphics and spell-checked. This map is arranged the same way as the Figure 2a and contains the same elements. The difference is that instead of each word being in a rectangular frame, the words are all captions below pictures that represent the words.

Because the rectangular frames are gone, it looks more like each of the drawings is forming a circle around the framed words "balance of nature" in the middle. Arrows shoot out from the center, one going to each of the pictures.

So, proceeding clockwise, there is a picture of a plant (a simple drawing of a wildflower with leaves on the stem) for PLANTS, a picture of a red ladybug with black spots for BUGS, clouds for CLOUDS, a cloud with raindrops showering down for WEATHER, a white rabbit for ANIMALS, a brown songbird for BIRDS, a bouquet of three red and orange tulips for FLOWERS, a green deciduous tree for TREES, a gray rock shape for ROCKS and a red oak leaf for LEAVES.

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