Volume VI Number 3, November 1999

Call For Articles And Papers

Special Issue of Information Technology and Disabilities:

The next issue of Information Technology and Disabilities will examine the emergence of a new text form for readers with print-related disabilities: the digital talking book. Some major research and development leaders will be invited to submit articles on their, or their organizations' work in this exciting field. If you would like to submit a paper for consideration, please direct it to the editor, via e-mail preferably, at the address below. Papers may deal with any/all aspects of the digital book, from implications for educators to high-tech development, international standards, etc.

ITD editors are attempting to identify another journal (print) to co-publish the contents of this very important issue. As this issue goes to press, we cannot promise co-publication, but every attempt will be made to disseminate the contents of this issue as widely as possible.

Please direct any ideas, drafts or finished papers to:

Tom McNulty
Editor-in-Chief, ITD